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Kingom of the Saplings (KOTS) is a Series created by Inthelittlewood. The first season contains the Twilight Forest, Tale of Kingdoms, the Yogbox, and TropiCraft mod packs. The second season contains the updated version of the Tale of Kingdoms mod, called the Tale of Kingship.

Episode List Edit

Dante's Mission Incroppable

Oh No Christopher!!


Ghast Fishing (Halloween Special)

A New Kingdom!

Pretty Fireflies!

To Isengard?!

Diamond Pinata!

Getting Revenge

Hour Long Special!

Christmas SpecialEdit

Oh Christmas Tree!

Vivi Village!

The Converted


Light Switch On!


Happy Birthday Mum!

Saving Private Sapling


((End of Christmas Special))

End of Christmas SpecialEdit

The Return!

Name My Warrior!


Bedrock Roof

Burning Wall Of Blaze!

Valentines Day! (1 Hour special)

Eye Spy-der!

Trolls And Centaurs!

Enchanting And A New Friend!

3 Crystals And A Little Pony!

Rudolph Has Changed!

Hello Helling!

Bunny Rescue!

Something Big is Loading!

Deku Down & My Pants Are Brown!

Dissssspose Of Them!

Weak Little Heart.. WITH PIRATES!

Running on Water?!

My Birthday!

Rummaging Through Relics!

Persistent Pirates!

Like A Champion!

It’s A Flamingo!

It’s A Rescue Mission!

The King Has Returned!

Fool Me Twice!

Everybody Meet Uno!

Goblins Everywhere!

Floaty Spider Of Death!!

Taze Your Ass!!

Mastering The Cards!

TropiCraft SpecialEdit

First Thing.. Crocs!

Utterly Underestimated!

As Night Falls..

Did I Break It?

A Tropical Town?!

Assassinate Akamu

Into The Volcano!


The Biggest Thesaurus

Drunky Monkey

Nemefish and The School!

A Naked Ashen!

The Aquarium

I've Been Robbed!!

Hide And Seek

((End of TropiCraft Special))

[End of Season 1]

KOTS is Back!Edit

Season 2?!

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